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5 Nifty Things a Mobile Cart Workstation With an iPad Includes


Beyond the mobile workstation, what you see in the hands of people on the move are iPads.  In fact, because they are mobile in and of themselves does not mean it is complete.  Far from it.

Workstation accessories provide benefits such as increased ergonomics, organization, convenience and flexibility.

The most effective mobile workstation with an iPad includes these five nifty accessories:

1)  Adjustable and lockable iPad holder for the NB, PC and RC Series computer carts.

  • Keeps iPad safe and secure
  • Fully adjustable for best viewing angle


2)  Bubble wrap holder for PC Series computer cart workstation.

  • Neatly stores and dispenses bubble wrap or packaging materials


3)  Plexiglass printer enclosure NB and PC Series computer cart workstation

  • Keeps dust and debris away from printer


4) Desk organizer for NB and PC series computer cart workstation

  • Keeps all office/packaging supplies neat, orderly, and within easy reach


5)  Power Pak for portable power

  • The PowerPack Series Portable Power System provides quiet, seamless AC power for as long as 12+ hours at a time. This sturdy, compact unit is ideal for powering computers, printers, POS Systems, scales, testers and any other electronic hardware.  At the end of your shift or use, simply plug the unit into a standard wall outlet to recharge.

power for computer carts


Configuring a workstation with an iPad can provide a mobile “on-demand” label printing station and complete solution for mobile high-volume printing applications in:

computer cart check  Shipping / receiving

computer cart check  Inventory management

computer cart check  Cycle counting

computer cart check  Order picking and more

Eliminate the Footsteps!  Stop the walking back and forth and significantly improve productivity.

Configure your own mobile workstation here.

Configure Mobile Power Workstation Cart


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