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5 Factors for Flawless Fulfillment


Making your warehouse more efficient is the main goal of nearly every company. Taking inventory, ensuring the right inventory goes to the right place, finding what you need, and working more efficiently are crucial to the success of a manufacturing company.

Workstations are an excellent tool to help your manufacturing plant become more efficient, work smoother, and reduces the amount of shrink in your warehouses. When you can provide the right tools for the job, your company is more likely to succeed. Here are five factors that provide flawless fulfillment for your warehouse. 

Go Wireless

Staying in constant communication is crucial to success, and using wireless technologies can improve your communication. Using wireless technologies help you find more SKUs, create shorter shelf cycles, and create a premium and productive way to provide accurate fulfillment for other companies.

Using handheld devices provides a way for someone to quickly look up an item, find its location, and take it where it needs to go. Using wireless technology prevents bottlenecks, congestion, and downtime, which can cost money for a company. As a plant grows, there are going to be more items for inventory, which can become completely clustered. Using the wireless technology keeps things in the right order for everyone. 

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Prepare for Growth

As more companies are striving to create flawless fulfillment, it’s imperative a company prepares for the growth they’re expecting. Increasing SKUs, the volume of items, automated processes, and increasing staff are part of the plans to achieve flawless fulfillment.

As a company grows, so do the chances of little problems snowballing into something bigger. Preparing for walking areas, smaller orders, and reducing operating costs are crucial to achieving flawless fulfillment. Using technology will help your company prepare for any increase in any aspect of the company. You can access real time information to prevent any small problems from becoming a huge pain in the future. 

Real Time Information

Achieving flawless fulfillment doesn’t have to be a pipe dream, and keeping track of real time inventory can help your company become more efficient. Doing cycle counts twice a day can lead to numerous errors that may take some time to catch, which can cost the company money.

Not only that, but they are time consuming, which doesn’t help the company. Using wireless technology can reduce the amount of time it takes to do inventory, saves money, and ensures all the items are available. Using a technology that can track when an item comes in, when it is stocked, and when it leaves the warehouse allows the company to keep track of every item.

Upgrade Technology

When items are brought into the ware house, it can easily be misplaced, or not tracked at all. Receiving can have a lot of problems, which can lead to other issues within the warehouse. The systems should be upgraded to handle an influx of items that are coming in, and the barcodes of the items should help with inventory.

Preventing having to chase inventory papers, missing an item or two, and returning the wrong items can be solved quickly and easily with the upgraded technology. Upgrading the technology should include inventory on idle, equipment miscues, clogged aisles, and false out of stocks. This will eventually lead to flawless fulfillment.

Improve Outbound Performance

When you’re shipping your inventory out, items can be left behind or sent to a completely different place. Packing, loading, staging, and shipping are the last crucial steps to achieving flawless fulfillment, and one item sent to the wrong place can cause a lot of problems. Preventing slow turnaround times, change resistance, and inefficiency ripples can make your company more efficient and productive.

Using the right technologies will ensure your company is better, and you can work better using upgraded technology. You should make sure the technology is easy to use, and everything is sent to the right place. This will make customers happier, and want to continue doing business with you.

While flawless fulfillment can feel like a dream, the truth is that it is possible to accomplish. Using the right tools can make your company work more productively and more efficiently.

The five steps that can help your company achieve flawless fulfillment include using wireless technology, preparing for growth, using real time information, upgrading your technology, and improving the outbound performance are keys to achieving flawless fulfillment. If your goal next year is to become more productive and efficient, using these five steps are a good start.

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