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Conquering the Retail Store with Mobile Powered Workstations

mobile-power-for-retailMobile Powered Workstations are designed to hold and power up to (4) pieces of hardware for 8 - 24+ hours of normal use. Ideal for POS systems, tablets/laptops, barcode printers, scanners, scales and much more.

Why Mobile Power?

green-dotPerforming tasks at the point of activity saves time, improves accuracy and keeps sales personnel on the floor - ready to help your customers. 

green-dotMake your employees’ workplace mobile and free from stationary power sources and data cabling.

When you integrate mobility into your existing process, improved productivity and customer satisfaction is immediate:

green-dotEliminate the need for personnel to walk back and forth to static cash register or shelf label printer.

green-dotKey personnel stay on the floor - ready to help your customers.

green-dotEliminate long lines during peak periods with a mobile “point of sale” station.

green-dotNo hazardous extension cords on the floor or data drops from ceilings.




Sample ROI Calculation When
Wasted Footsteps are Eliminated



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