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Where is The Elephant Hiding in Your Warehouse Safety Measures?

Do Your Warehouse Safety Measures Measure Up?

Warehouses are notorious for their hazards, which is why safety programs take priority in the workplace. While you have likely implemented safety measures to help protect the people you value and who work hard for you, there are some risks that are unseen and go unchecked. Where is the elephant hiding in your warehouse?

Some safety risks are harder to spot than others. For example, Insidious hazards can go unhampered simply because injuries caused by them can happen in a gradual and subtle way, seemingly hidden.  Other risks are so ingrained in the day to day warehouse activities that they hide in plain sight and have become the obvious unobvious. Still, others hide behind what appears to be “lower priority” process improvements that turn out to be significant safety issues.

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How does mobile power help?

Study Your Receivers’ Motion

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