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Where is The Elephant Hiding in Your Warehouse Safety Measures?

Do Your Warehouse Safety Measures Measure Up?

Warehouses are notorious for their hazards, which is why safety programs take priority in the workplace. While you have likely implemented safety measures to help protect the people you value and who work hard for you, there are some risks that are unseen and go unchecked. Where is the elephant hiding in your warehouse?

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How does mobile power help?

Identifying waste in a facility is the first step to eliminating it. Some examples include unnecessary walking, pre-printing too many labels, bottlenecks and over processing of goods. While people and buildings are pretty well fixed, there are ways to better utilize the existing infrastructure and improve processes that will positively impact the bottom line.

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The Warehouse Workplace: Dodging the Dangers and Disasters

The importance of creating a safe culture in any workplace cannot be overstated. Not only do accidents hinder the health and productivity of employees, they can also lead to government fines and other increased costs. It's important to be aware of the dangers so you can form a plan of action that prevents accidents and injuries.

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What does a mispick cost?

In October 2012, a survey of 250 supply chain and distribution managers across the United States, United Kingdom, France and Germany—conducted by research company Vanson Bourne—found “distribution centers are losing an average of nearly $390,000 per year due to mis-picks. 

The cost of a picking mistake includes not only the cost of the item, but also “the expenses associated with shipping the item back, processing it upon receipt, returning it to stock, and loss of customer satisfaction.

 “Mis-Picks Cost Businesses Nearly $390,000 Per Year According to Intermec Study,” accessed January 4, 2014, www.intermec.com/about_us/newsroom/press_releases/2013‐01‐21‐Mis‐Picks‐Cost‐Businesses.aspx 

Further time is lost in correcting the mistake by picking, packing and shipping the correct item back to the customer.

Hannah Kain, “Simple Fulfillment Errors Will Affect the Bottom Line,” accessed January 5, 2014, http://www.alom.com/resources/focus.asp?file=002.inc

An estimated 35% of facilities experience ongoing mis-pick rates of 1% or more. Although 1% sounds like a slim margin for improvement, it adds up quickly.

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