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Portable POS Cart |
Retail Environment
Mobile Workstations


Portable POS Cart | Retail Environment Mobile Workstations

Smart Productivity for Front & Back Store Operations

Performing your tasks at the point of activity saves time, improves accuracy and keeps sales personnel on the floor - ready to help your customers.


Our Mobile Workplace and Portable Power Systems are designed to hold and power up to (4) pieces of existing hardware for 8 – 12+ hours of normal use.  Ideal for POS systems, laptops/PCs, barcode printers, laser printers, scanners and much more.


Typical mobile workstation applications for retail store floor:


  • Shelf labeling, tag and sign printing
  • Line / queue busting
  • Mobile "point of sale" station
  • Remote power for sidewalk events, garden centers, grand opening & more
  • Inventory management front and back store operations
On-demand mobile sign printing station
Did you know? 47% of customers claim they have failed to make a purchase because checkout would take too long.

Productivity Impact for Retail Stores

When you integrate mobility into your existing process, improved productivity and customer satisfaction is immediate.

  • Eliminate the need for personnel to walk back and forth to a static cash register or shelf label printer
  • Key sales personnel stay on the floor - ready to help your customers
  • Eliminate long lines during peak periods with a mobile "point of sale" station
  • Ensure accurate, real-time pricing, while eliminating costly walking to and from static printers
  • No hazardous extension cords on floors or data drops from ceilings
Mobile POS line-busting station

Mobile stations can also be customized to fit your brand.

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Mobile Stations for Retail Distribution

Receiving is perhaps the most important process in the warehouse - all downstream processes depend on the accuracies of data entry and labeling during receiving. Mobile powered carts can help your receiving area:
  • Boost dock to stock cycle time
  • Reduce labor by as much as $10K per worker
  • Increase receipts by as much as 60%
  • Reduce improperly labeled products
  • Reduce inaccurate inventories


Watch video above to see how easily mobile power can be integrated into your receiving process. 

Common Mistakes in the Retail Warehouse

Interview with Derek Coppinger, VP of Sales & Marketing, Newcastle Systems


Click the spaghetti drawing below for a closer look at how this warehouse was able to reduce dock to stock cycle times with mobile power!

Warehouse Spaghetti Drawing - Reduce Dock to Stock Metrics by 50% with Mobile Power!



Mobile Powered Portable POS and Receiving Stations

These powered mobile workstations makes your equipment available wherever the work is and eliminates the wasted footsteps from centralized process paperwork, label printing, etc. 

NB Series Workstation with PowerSwap Nuvleus Power System NB Series Workstation with SLA Power System

NB Series Workstation
with PowerSwap Nucleus Power System

NB Series Workstation
with SLA Power System


To learn more about the best solution for your process, contact your account manager, or request a quote today!