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Order picking is the most labor intensive and error prone process in the warehouse. 

We offer NEW solutions which are ideal for pick and pack, single line items, batch picking, manual and RF picking.  You can increase productivity by over 50%!


Mobile powered picking carts can help you:Picking Process

    • Label at point of use
    • Enter data into a full-sized screen
    • Pick, pack & label directly at the cart:
      • less touches
      • less errors
      • increased throughput
    • Reduce cost per pick
    • Implement pick to light capabilities
    • Increase productivity by over 50%

With picking being the largest labor cost in a typical facility, deploying mobile power carts and workstations can have immediate impact on both your turns and bottom line by eliminating wasted steps.

Before and After Using Mobile Powered Carts

Here's an illustration of what one warehouse looked like before and after the implementation of a Newcastle Systems PowerPick Station mobile powered picking cart:

SKD Small Parts Picking Racks Before and After

Recommended warehouse carts and products by process:

Recommended Products by Process

To learn more about the best solution for your order picking process, contact your account manager, or request a quote today!


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