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Increase accuracy in your put away process with mobile powered workstations

These important processes are critical to the overall accuracy of your company's inventory.  Mobile powered carts let your team access real-time WMS or ERP data from a full-screen LCD anywhere in your facility - eliminating the need for paper or data-entry at a fixed computer location.

inventory management warehouse

Mobile powered carts can help your put away and inventory processes by: 

  • Ensuring inventory reaches the shelf in the shortest amount of time; "out of stocks" are significantly reduced
  • Viewing electronic put away orders to provide exact location and most efficient route
  • Rapidly scanning location labels to ensure items are put-away correctly
  • Conducting inventory in real-time
  • Performing quick and accurate cycle counts
  • Removing motion, waiting and transportation waste

Expect a higher level of accuracy while speeding up the process simultaneously.

Recommended products by process:

Recommended Products by Process


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