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For Immediate Assistance

Contact Michael Storey, Technical Support Specialist, at 978.605.5125 or by email at mstorey@newcastlesys.com

Trouble Shooting 101 Videos

Here you'll find solutions to common questions about your batteries, inverters and power packages that power your mobile powered carts. Do you have a specific trouble shooting question that we have not answered here or on our Trouble Shooting Tips page? You can submit a trouble ticket here.


You can also contact Michael Storey, Technical Support Specialist, directly at 978-605-5125.


Always read your Assembly Manual prior to assembling &/or connecting batteries on your mobile powered cart and portable power system.  Assembly Manuals can be accessed here.



Looking for your Serial Number?
Here is where to find the location of the serial number on your Newcastle product.


E03 Error Code
Why am I getting this?



Installing & Connecting (1) SLA or Fixed Lithium Battery on Your Mobile Workstation



Installing & Connecting (2) SLA Batteries on Your Mobile Workstation



Find the Date Code on
Your Battery