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Beth Parker

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Newcastle Systems Empowers Workers with Mobile Workstations

Company to Showcase its Apex Series Powered Workstations at MODEX 2024

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Newcastle in Supply and Demand Chain Executive

John O'Kelly, President and CEO of Newcastle Systems shares insights in this article, Smart Warehousing Trends to Optimize Processes.  

Topics: Warehouse Warehouse Tips Warehouse Efficiency

Newcastle and Fleet Owner on Cargo Theft in 2024


Topics: warehouse trends

Join Newcastle & Uber Freight for a webinar Thurs 12/7 1pm ET

Want to know how to make your returns process less painful this holiday season?

Topics: Automation

Newcastle Automation Article in Robotics 24/7

Technology continues to innovate various industries, but it comes with a mixture of enthusiasm and fear. Businesses are understandably excited about the prospect of greater efficiency, while some workers worry they'll be replaced by robots.

Topics: Automation