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A Warehouse Game Changer for Receiving Applications

Receiving is perhaps the most important process in the warehouse - all downstream processes depend on the accuracies of data entry and labeling during receiving.


Mobile powered carts can help your receiving area:

  • Boost dock to stock cycle time
  • Reduce labor by as much as $10K per worker
  • Increase receipts by as much as 50+%
  • Reduce improperly labeled products
  • Reduce inaccurate inventories


Watch the video above to see how easy mobile power can be integrated into your receiving process.

Click the spaghetti drawing below for a closer look at how this warehouse was able to reduce dock to stock cycle times with mobile power!


Mobile Powered Receiving Stations

These stations take your devices that require AC power and put them on wheels - making your workplace fully mobile. Process paperwork, print labels, etc. directly at the pallet or load.  All that is required is wifi and hard smooth floors in your warehouse.

NB Series Mobile Powered Receiving Station with Nucleus Lithium Power System EC Series Mobile Powered Workstation with SLA Power System 
NB Series Workstation with
Nucleus Lithium Power System
EC Series Workstation
with SLA Power System


To learn more about the best solution for your process, contact your account manager, or request a quote today!