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Are you ready to double productivity in your Warehouse Inventory Management?

Mobile Powered Carts bring your team to the work, and slash the time they waste walking to printers and computers. Productivity skyrockets and labeling errors disappear - all while providing a safer work environment.

The Value of a Mobile Computer Desk

  • 5-10 hours gained per worker weekly
  • 90% reduction in labeling errors
  • 63% increase in receiving volume
  • ROI in about 6 months
  • Happier workers. YES - we said happier!
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Take a closer look at how this warehouse was able to reduce dock to stock cycle times with mobile power.



Be the Game Changer in your Warehouse Inventory Management

These stations take your devices that require AC power and put them on wheels - making your workplace fully mobile. Process paperwork, print labels, etc. directly at the pallet or load.  All that is required is wifi and hard smooth floors in your warehouse.


NB NU with Zebra Callouts


To learn more about the best solution for your process, contact your account manager, or request a quote today!