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Optimize Order Picking

As a small and medium size business that fulfills and ships orders for customers, the “Picking Process”, if it is not already, will consume more resources than any other area of your fulfillment operation. Whether you know it or not, you do already have a picking process, even if it is just the daily ritual of taking the day’s orders and walking out into the garage to find the items you need to ship.


The question is, are you going to be comfortable using that process as you grow and have confidence that you will achieve the most important objective which impacts your customers – accuracy?



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The white paper "Warehouse Processes 101: The Basics of Manual and Automated Picking" will become a a helpful resource as it covers warehouse processes related to order picking.


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Also, please check The 8 Best Order Picking Methods.



If you have any questions or prefer to walk through the process of upgrading your workplace to be more mobile, we welcome your call to 781-935-3450.


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new technology changes order picking:

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