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Turn every worker into a SUPER worker with a mobile powered workstation by Newcastle Systems. Our product can be easily integrated into your current processes to improve productivity immediately. Replacing stationary desks with mobile powered workstations will significantly impact efficiency by eliminating costly footsteps.  

Mobile Workstations

Entry-Level EC Series

EcoCart Series

New, economical cart solution offering excellent price to performance ratio. Ideal for powering a laptop, barcode printer & scanner for up to 8+ hours. >More

Mid-Range NB Series

NB Series
Rechargeable power with the ability to run up to 4 devices at once for up to 8-12+ hours. With a slotted mast system, shelves & accessories can be adapted for each user's needs in seconds. >More

Heavy-Duty PC Seriesimproved-flag-high

Heavy-duty model with a weight capacity of 500 lbs & plenty of shelf space for inventory and tools. Rechargeable power with the ability to run several devices at once for 8-12+ hours of normal use. >More

Ergonomic Apex Series


New cart with height-adjustable ergonomic mast raises the bar for workplace mobility, flexibility, safety and comfort.  Go from standing to sitting in seconds with the touch of a button. >More

Quality Testing Stationsnew-flag-high

Designed for mobile quality testing and other processes requiring vast storage capabilities. Holds up to 3 locking storage drawers for tools, calipers and much more. >More

Dimensioning Stationsnew-flag-high

New Atlas Series Mobile Workstations designed to enable quick and accurate dimensioning directly at your product location. >More

Order Picking Stations

On-board power system ideal for small label printer, tablet & scanner for 8 hours. 4' & 6' versions to accommodate various product/bin sizes & counts. Lightweight aluminum frame & adjustable shelves. >More



PowerSwap Systems

PowerSwap Nucleus Lithium

PowerSwap Nucleus

When power runs low, simply swap out power package with a fully charged one. Lightweight at only 11 lbs, 5-7 year or 3,000 cycle battery life, quiet, seamless AC power. >More

NB Series PowerSwap

NB PowerSwap

Designed to keep the NB Series powered 24 hours a day. When power runs low, swap it in seconds with a freshly charged one, enabling continuous work with minimal interruption. >More

Portable Power Systems

PowerPack Ultra Seriesnew-flag-high.png


Seamless AC power for laptop and printer for up to 8+ hours. Lightweight, compact and eliminates the need for noisy generators and hazardous extension cords. >More

PowerPack Mega Series

PowerPack Mega

Quiet, seamless AC power anywhere you need it. Ideal for desktop PC and high-volume industrial printer for 8 - 12+ hours. >More

Customization Options

Workstation Accessories


Create a highly versatile workstation that can be configured to suit any application. Accessories provide benefits like increased ergonomics, organization, convenience, security and flexibility. >More

Customization Services

Customization Services
Customize a mobile power solution for your specific application with Newcastle’s in-house engineering team. >More