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Businesses that convert from stationary to mobile computer cart workstations report higher capacities, reduced infrastructure costs, and more productive employees.

See how our modular mobile computer workplace systems can provide immediate benefits.

Full Screen Access

Have continuous, full screen, real-time access to your WMS, ERP or ADC software anywhere in your facility.

Customize Your Cart

Carts are available in different sizes, each with the accessories required to make any workstation a mobile one.

Integrated Power System

Provides consistent, reliable run time for virtually any application requiring "portable power".

NEW Lithium Power System by Newcastle Systems

 The Value Newcastle Systems Brings to You:


in overtime


Increase in 
receiving volume 


Reduction in labor
costs per operator

 reduction overtime      increase receiving     reduction labor  

Stand up computer workstations,
a thing of the past...

Stand up computer workstations are a thing of the past as mobile computer workstations offer more flexibililty, require no additional software and eliminate wasted steps.

We are a leading provider of innovative workstation solutions to customers in many industries. Let us show you how industrial stand-up workstations can be replaced by mobile computer workstations with power and easily integrated into your existing infrastructure and processes to improve productivity at your place of business.

We provide mobile workstation cart solutions to suit the specific needs of a broad range of industries. Newcastle Systems has provided solutions to industries and facilities that include retail stores, distribution, receiving, shipping, production and assembly lines, education, military, healthcare facilities, and even outdoors for concession stands and many others.

We offer a wide range of systems, including mobile computer carts in compact, mid-range and heavy duty designs, as well as picking carts. In addition, we offer mobile power systems in several designs to meet the specific needs of your business. You can answer a few questions on our website to configure your own laptop computer cart, stand up computer workstation, or mobile power system.

There are several benefits to computer carts on wheels. Our mobile computer carts require no changes to your software or infrastructure, increase productivity, require a fairly low investment and offer the potential for a significant return on investment for your business. Our customers realize immediate benefits when implementing mobile workstations.   

Please browse our website to learn more about our mobile powered workstation solutions, download our free order picking guide white papercalculate your return on investment, or request a quote for your business. 

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