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Mobile Workstations

Entry-Level EC Series

EcoCart Series

New, economical cart solution offering excellent price to performance ratio. Ideal for powering a laptop, barcode printer & scanner for up to 8+ hours. >More

Mid-Range NB Series

NB Series

Rechargeable power with the ability to run up to 4 devices at once for up to 8-12+ hours. With a slotted mast system, shelves & accessories can be adapted for each user's needs in seconds. >More

Heavy-Duty PC Series

PC Series

Heavy-duty model with a weight capacity of 500 lbs & plenty of shelf space for inventory and tools. Rechargeable power with the ability to run several devices at once for 8-12+ hours of normal use. >More

Order Picking Stations

PowerPick Series

On-board power system ideal for small label printer, tablet & scanner for 8 hours. 4' & 6' versions to accomodate various product/bin sizes & counts. Lightweight aluminum frame & adjustable shelves. >More

PowerSwap Systems

PowerSwap Nucleus Lithium

PowerSwap Nucleus

When power runs low, simply swap out power package with a fully charged one. Lightweight at only 11 lbs, 5-7 year or 3,000 cycle battery life, quiet, seamless AC power. >More

NB Series PowerSwap

NB PowerSwap

Designed to keep the NB Series powered 24 hours a day. When power runs low, swap it in seconds with a freshly charged one, enabling continuous work with minimal interruption. >More

Portable Power Systems

PowerPack Ultra Series

PowerPack Ultra

Seamless AC power for laptop or small printer for up to 8 hours. Lightweight, compact and eliminates the need for noisy generators and hazardous extension cords. >More

PowerPack Mega Series

PowerPack Mega

Quiet, seamless AC power anywhere you need it. Ideal for desktop PC and high-volume industrial printer for 8 - 12+ hours. >More

Customization Options

Workstation Accessories


Create a highly versatile workstation that can be configured to suit any application. Accessories provide benefits like increased ergonomics, organization, convenience, security and flexibility. >More