POS Cart | Retail Environment Mobile Carts

Smart Productivity for Front & Back Store Operations

Performing your tasks at the point of activity saves time, improves accuracy and keeps sales personnel on the floor - ready to help your customers.

Typical Mobile Workstation applications include:

    • Shelf labeling, tag & sign printing

    • Inventory management on floor or in warehouse/DC

    • Line / queue busting

    • Mobile "point of sale" station

    • Remote power for sidewalk events, garden centers, grand opening & more

Productivity Impact

When you integrate mobility into your existing process, improved productivity and customer satisfaction is immediate.

    • Eliminate the need for personnel to walk back and forth to a static cash register or shelf label printer

    • Key sales personnel stay on the floor - ready to help your customers

    • Eliminate long lines during peak periods with a mobile "point of sale" station

    • No hazardous extension cords on floors or data drops from ceilings

Our Mobile Workplace and Portable Power Systems are designed to hold and power up to (4) pieces of existing hardware for 8 - 12 hours of normal use.  Ideal for POS Systems, Laptops/PCs, Barcode Printers, Scanners, Scales and much more.