Military and Other Government Agencies

Adaptability, durability and dependability. When the US Military needs quality products to support its logistics operations Newcastle Systems has the heavy duty Workstation and Mobile Power solutions to keep the facilities moving faster, longer and with more accuracy. And with our quality comes the most competitively priced products in their class.

Our Mobile Workplace and Power Swap Systems now let you take your workstations wherever they are needed. It's simple to see where the improved productivity comes from:

  • Generating Productivity - Our Mobile Workplace System means you can achieve the same amount of volume with fewer pieces of equipment (i.e. printers).
  • Improving Processes - The Power Swap System allows you to fully leverage your wireless facility by cutting the power cords and letting your workstations move to where they are needed - with your people.
  • Enabling People - Facility Managers and Agency Administrators now have access to data and real-time information anywhere in the facility because they can take their workstation with them.

We Can Custom-Configure For Any Workstation:


Mobile Powered Workstations in Action, On-Site for Military