Educational Institutions and Facilities

In an era of high-tech classrooms and smart buildings, it sometimes seems hard to keep up with technology and its applications for educators.

But for many institutions, the question is sometimes still about how technology can keep up with the ever-evolving classroom and the educators that make them come to life.

Need to bring a projector into a space that normally doesn't have one? Or perhaps need a way for your labs or classrooms to be able to re-arrange their workstations easily? Or maybe a mobile POS for your caterers or bookstore at campus events or sports events? Newcastle System's Mobile Workplace Systems now let you take your workstations wherever they are needed.

  • Low-Tech Rooms - Take your projector and laptop anywhere you have a white wall. Our Mobile Workplace Systems make it easy to turn an older classroom into a high-tech one.
  • Sporting and Other Campus Events - whether you need a temporary POS station for selling products or a check-in location for freshman orientation, a Mobile Workplace System lets you set up anywhere.


Montreal-based university uses the NB Series Workstations in several classrooms to power AV equipment for in-class presentations.