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Reviewing the essentials of lean thinking and terminology

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Lean thinking is a business methodology which aims to provide a new way to think about how to organize human activities to deliver more benefits to society and value to individuals while eliminating waste.

The term lean thinking was coined by James P. Womack and Daniel T.Jones to capture the essence of their in-depth study of Toyotaʼs fabled Toyota Production System.

Lean thinking is a new way of thinking any activity and seeing the waste inadvertently generated by the way the process is organized by focusing on the concepts of:

  1. Value
  2. Value streams
  3. Flow
  4. Pull
  5. Perfection


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Contents of the eBook includes:

1.1      Lean thinking
1.1.1   Overview
1.1.2   Lean thinking practices
1.1.3   Controversies
1.1.4   Itʼs about people first
1.1.5   Lean and green

1.2     Lean manufacturing
1.2.1  Overview
1.2.2  A brief history of waste reduction thinking
1.2.3  Types of waste
1.2.4  Lean implementation develops from TPS
1.2.5  Lean services
1.2.6  Goals and strategy

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