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Did you know most warehouse inventory errors start in receiving?


 If you make a mistake in the receiving area, it can have a 10-fold effect on the rest of the warehouse process.

The number one piece of advice experts have when it comes to warehouse optimization is that receiving is the most important area of the warehouse.

For one of the most important processes in the logistics world, there are still so many ways that might not be optimized and costs your business money due to any number of inefficiencies or bottlenecks.

Some of the most common problems businesses have in receiving areas include:

  • Receiving docks are backed up, leaving trucks idling outside waiting for an open bay
  • Pallets are moved or put away prematurely by forklift operators creating inventory gaps
  • Workers expend extra hours walking back and forth across the warehouse finding and matching up labels to incoming product.
  • Docks are underutilized due to slow process of putting away incoming product (i.e. they could be freed up for shipping, etc.)

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