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Mobile Cart - Portable Power White Paper

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Case Study:

Shipping accuracy was a major concern at the Magneti Marelli Powertrain USA plant in North Carolina.

Management was determined to reduce the number of mislabeled outgoing pallets loaded with fuel-pump modules, electronic throttles, and other component systems bound for automakers, boat builders, and other customers.

A typical shipment consisted of multiple pallets, each of which required at least two labels.

The weak point in the shipping department turned out to be the 30-40 steps each inspector would have to take to the label printer. Sometimes, after an inspector had retraced his/her steps, labels in hand, the labels would end up on the wrong pallets.

The number of errors was significantly reduced once the company purchased some mobile powered workstations.

Now, every inspector can scan and print labels right beside the pallet that needs them. Thanks to swivel casters, the workstation can be easily maneuvered to the next pallet in seconds.

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Optimize Your Wireless Facility with Mobile Powered Workstations