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Portable Power Systems - pp series

Portable Power Systems - PP Series

Looking for Portable Power Systems to energize your existing computer or printer carts? Newcastle Systems' PP Series Portable Power Packages provide consistent, reliable run-time for virtually any application requiring "portable power".

whitebackground pp cartApplication examples include:

  • Outdoor mobile concession
  • Non-powered equipment carts
  • Far corners of the warehouse
  • Loading docks
  • Remote storage areas
  • Areas where power is not available
  • Remote display areas

Our full line of competitively-priced power packages consist of:

  • An inverter
  • Smart charger
  • Battery
  • Standard remote battery status meter
  • Wire harness
  • A sealed but fully ventilated cabinet (16" x 16" x 12").  Ships LTL.

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UL & CSA Approved System         

*Please note* The PP Series Power Packages shown on this page are sold as stand-alone portable power systems.  The NB Series, PC Series and RC Series Mobile Workstation is provided with its own integrated power package configured to handle your specific application.power pack


Portable Power System Configurations

View the chart below to determine which stand alone portable power system will work for your requirements.

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