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NB Series Model Configurations

POWERED Computer Carts Configurations

All NB Series Mobile Workstation models listed below come standard with (one) adjustable height laminated shelf, 5" locking swivel casters, adjustable push handle, and integrated powerstrip. 

Model number represents the configured Power Package to handle your power requirements.

  Model Model Model Model
Power Package Components NB300
NB380 NB430 NB440
Battery (sealed lead acid) na 100 AH 100 AH 200 AH
Inverter/Charger Package na small standard standard
**Typical Charge Time na 8-10 hrs. 3-5 hrs. 8-10 hrs.
Weight 95 lbs. 200 lbs. 193 lbs. 268 lbs.

** Recharge time will be shorter if it is only discharged a little;
a full recharge is NOT required to use again.

View the Chart Below to Determine Typical Run Time

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NB Specs