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Soon we will be launching a revolutionary new power system for the warehouse, distribution center and manufacturing plant.

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Picture1-powerlaunch2We'll soon be unveiling our new Lithium-based Power System that will radically change the way you bring your portable power into the workplace. By completing the form, we'll make sure you'll get first notice when we can make it available for ordering later this summer.

Here are a few details you get you started:

  • First Lithium Iron Phosphate swappable power pack designed for industrial environments (only medical grade packs available to date)
  • Lightweight – only 11 lbs. (vs. 70 lbs.)
  • Durable – 5 to 7 year battery life or 3,000 cycles    (vs. 18 –24 months or 300 cycles)
  • Fully swappable in a matter of seconds – 24/7 operation
  • AC Output – no need to source for DC specific hardware 
  • Interchangeable across all cart configurations 
  • Power supply and battery is built with tough plastic casing to help prevent breakage if dropped.
  • Fool-proof mounting design ensures always mounted correctly and tightly.

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