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We hope you enjoyed the webinar and learned from the experts of Newcastle, TEKLYNX, and Zebra as they shared the latest intel on best-in-breed hardware & media, print automation solutions, and worker mobility applications that can reduce waste by 50%, maximize labeling operations, and help you gain 5 to 10 hours per worker (weekly).

If there was something you missed, or if you'd like to share it with your team, we've compiled assets from the webinar below for your convenience.


Watch the recorded webinar video:

HubSpot Video


What is "Lean Labeling"? Our guide walks you through how to spot opportunities to improve your labeling solutions. Download The Warehouse Guide to Lean Labeling

Download the presentation deck:

The Low-Down on Lean Labeling Trends

Have a question for our presenters? Reach out.

Christine Weber, Zebra

Christine Weber
Kevin Ledversis, Newcastle Systems

Kevin Ledversis
Newcastle Systems

Marty Johnson, Zebra

Marty Johnson
Nick Recht, Teklynx

Nick Recht

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