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Where is The Elephant Hiding in Your Warehouse Safety Measures?

Do Your Warehouse Safety Measures Measure Up?

Warehouses are notorious for their hazards, which is why safety programs take priority in the workplace. While you have likely implemented safety measures to help protect the people you value and who work hard for you, there are some risks that are unseen and go unchecked. Where is the elephant hiding in your warehouse?

Some safety risks are harder to spot than others. For example, Insidious hazards can go unhampered simply because injuries caused by them can happen in a gradual and subtle way, seemingly hidden.  Other risks are so ingrained in the day to day warehouse activities that they hide in plain sight and have become the obvious unobvious. Still, others hide behind what appears to be “lower priority” process improvements that turn out to be significant safety issues.


Three Hidden Safety Hazards

Overexertion - As you know, one of the major causes of warehouse injuries comes from simple overexertion, putting too much stress on the body while lifting, carrying, and lowering. In addition, there is the often overlooked pushing and pulling, which can also cause severe back injury.

The energy and strength needed to overcome the inertia of heavy items while pushing or pulling can cause just as much strain on the body as lifting and lowering.   

Lack of Focus - Another cause of injury comes from a lack of awareness in the environment. This can be due to fatigue or dulled senses from repetitive work. It is well known that repetitive or rhythmic work can induce a trance-like state.

The regular rhythm of walking or pacing back and forth from one workstation to another offers a prime opportunity to fall into a short trance and lose focus. This exposes employees to dangers that they might avoid if they were more alert and better aware of their surroundings.

“Tied up” Hands - Many workers are juggling handheld devices, paper lists, and even labels. You might think that this is a non-safety issue. However, it is not. It is an opportunity for an accident to happen. With so much going on and so much to keep track of in a warehouse, it is best to keep hands free.


Lightweight Portable Powered Workstations: Safety Solution

Advancing the methods used in your warehouse or distribution center will greatly improve safety. By upgrading a stand-up workstation to a Newcastle mobile cart with lightweight power, you can solve all three hidden safety hazards.

Your employees will benefit from:

  • The ease of pushing or pulling our Lightweight Portable Powered Workstation, while avoiding overexertion.
  • Focused workstations that are highly portable. You can easily move them from one work area to another, removing the need to walk back and forth in a busy and dangerous warehouse.
  • Having their hands free - With the Newcastle Portable Powered Workstation, everything an employee needs can be on the workstation itself, including a computer and a label maker. Freeing up hands means freeing up minds to stay aware and safe.

Now that you know where the elephant is hiding in your warehouse, it’s time to get him out and bring Lightweight Portable Powered Workstations to your world.

Download our PowerPack Ultra Series 2.6 Specification Sheet for features and technical specifications.

powerpack ultra series 2.6


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