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How a Dimensional Scanner Streamlines Processes in Your Warehouse

"That Looks Cool! Wonder How I Can Use It?"

For the true gadget lovers, we have the experience of being in a store full of gadgets and machines and occasionally see something that compels us to say, "I am not sure what it is, but how can I find a way to use it?"

If you haven't seen one yet, dimensional scanners definitely fall into that category. No one will be surprised if a true distribution center process nerd brings it home one day for personal use. 

What is a "Dimensional Scanner"?

A dimensional scanner is a specialized equipment that will scan and record the dimensions of an object - of any shape. When paired with a scale, the complete shape, weight and dimensions of any product can be recorded to a database and be the source of efficiency in multiple areas of the business.

...but how can we use a dimensional scanner?

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7 Best Practices for Inventory Management for Warehouses

Supplying your products on time and with multiple channels can be quite challenging. You receive constant pressure from various buyers and store locations. It is a challenge to keep up with inventory demands while monitoring the inventory process and the needs of your workers and your customers or buyers. 

Topics: Warehouse Management Inventory Control

6 Ways To Better Inventory Management

With warehouses and distribution centers (DC) doing more inventory and SKUs work, businesses are required to address orders for various channels. As a result, building a good inventory management system is becoming crucial and doing so becomes more complex. Here are some critical areas to focus on to deal with the multi-channel era.

DC managers are under constant pressure over the past few years to meet the growing e-commerce. In such a speed obsessed era, it is not about reducing the inventory, but control. 

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Warehouse and Retail Bottlenecks During the Holidays

The holidays aren't all fun and games for retailers, warehouses or distribution centers that can't scale to a sudden influx of orders.  Even with forsight and a crystal ball there are fluctuations in demand and surprises.  

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