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Crucial DC Trends That are Here to Stay

This year’s edition of the DC Measures study is in, and their findings contain some crucial distribution center trends that both management and employees need know about in order to make the remainder of 2017 successful. Of the respondents surveyed, 51 percent identified themselves as managers, 26 percent as directors, 15 percent as Senior VPs, and the smallest group was Executives at roughly 6 percent.

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7 Reasons Why Integrated Warehousing and Distribution are the Best Bet

When proposed with the option of stand alone warehousing versus an integrated operation of warehousing and distribution, many managers today shrug at the notion of added responsibilities. So, they continue on with their typical approach, and the end result is profit reduction and dissatisfied customers.

While this is not an across the board occurence, it is commonplace enough to bear consideration of a new way to view housing and distributing inventory. The profit reductions can occur as a result of one segment, i.e. the warehouse or distribution, focusing their attention on what only they can control at the expense of other functions of the supply chain. This creates an avalanche of cost increases ultimately impacting the end customer, thus lost revenue.

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Dollar General opens $100M Distribution Center in Bethel (almost 1 million sq ft)

Dollar General's massive distribution center which opened in Bethel, PA is fully up and running in northern Berks County.  It's made of enough steel to build 6,400 cars, and the number of pallets it can hold would stretch from Bethel to New York City. Check out Dollar General's new distribution center...

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