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Introducing the Award Winning Atlas Series: a Newcastle mobile workstation with a QubeVu dimensioning system. QubeVu's patented technology can scan any package in any orientation, and even takes a photo of every item for tracking and claim protection. 

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Cubing and weighing equipment, otherwise known as dimensioning systems, is expanding in use throughout warehousing and distribution operations.When major parcel carriers like FedEx and UPS switched to shipping fee calculations based on both package weight and size, or dimensional weight,

in early 2015, interest and installation of automated systems to more accurately capture item data increased, particularly with the spectacular growth of e-commerce shopping and parcel shipping. 

Rising costs associated with leasing and buying warehouse locations are among the major drivers for businesses to invest in dimensioning solutions in order to better utilize available space.

Benefits of Mobile Dimensioning:

  • Dimensioning can be performed at product location; productivity is increased up to 50% by eliminating costly motion, touches and transportation wastes
  •  Significant reduction in fatigue as carrying/moving parcels to fixed station is eliminated
  •  Reduced safety concerns and potential injuries as carrying/moving parcels to fixed station is eliminated
  •  Seamless flow from dock to dock without cords or costly cable drops, adding a greater level of efficiency
  •  With multiple Mobile Dimensioning units at same location allows for processing of increased volume
  • Mobility allows for a single unit to be moved to other locations and facilities

For decades, dimensioning has had a small niche in logistics and material handling. Now it’s getting new attention as an opportunity for savings across the industry.



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