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The new & improved PowerPack Ultra Series 2.6 Portable Power System provides seamless AC power for 6-8+ hours at a time (depending on laptop model or number of labels printed). This lightweight, compact unit is ideal for powering a laptop or small barcode printer.  At the end of use, simply plug the unit in to a standard wall outlet to recharge.  Eliminate the need for hazardous extension cords.

See the PowerPack Ultra in Action 

powerpack ultra 2.6 datasheet



Features Include:

  • Compact 13.5" x 8.5" footprint

  • Integrated cord reel holder
  • Highly portable and lightweight - only 32 lbs.

  • Visual and audible low voltage alert

  • Integrated power outlets

  • Easy-grip side handles 

Typical PowerPack Series Applications:

Non-powered equipment carts in warehouse or retail floor  *  Remote Display Areas  *  Areas where power is not available such as far corners of the warehouse, loading docks, remote storage areas, and much more.


PowerPack Series Configurations:

Power System
PowerPack 2.6 
1-Battery System
Battery (Sealed
Lead Acid):
26 AH
Supports up to 350 watts

Charge Time:
8 hours
32 lbs.
Typical Hardware/
Run Time:
Laptop or small barcode
printerfor 8+ hours

PowerPack Ultra Series ships UPS


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