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By focusing on reducing receiving errors and inefficiencies you will improve the flow of your entire warehouse.

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The PowerSwap Nucleus Lithium Power System is the top industrial-purpose battery that can power all devices on your workstation (laptop, tablet, printer, scanner and more) for 8+ hours at a time AND outlasts all competitors for cycles and durability.

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We are a leading provider of innovative workstation solutions to customers in many industries. Let us show you how industrial stand-up workstations can be replaced by mobile computer workstations with power and easily integrated into your existing infrastructure and processes to improve productivity at your place of business.

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75% Reduction in Overtime 

63% Increase in Receiving Volume

Print On-demand and Reduce Labeling Errors

$5000 Reduction in Labor Costs per Operator

See Your ROI in 4-6 months

Eliminate Costly Footsteps

“The portable power enables us to take our workstations to any area within our facility while increasing work flow, productivity and giving us greater flexibility in our process. It’s extremely easy to use and powers anything we plug into it.”

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